Comparative International Experience with Reintegration Programmes for Child Soldiers: The Liberian Experience (p 1-10): Bosede Awodola

Hurdles to Development: Assessing Development Models in Conflict Settings (p 11-17):  Josh Cerretti

Transitional Justice Dilemma: The Case of Cambodia (p 18-36): Virorth Doung and Sophal Ear

Resource Scarcity and the Prevention of Violent Conflicts (p 37-51): Renée Gendron and Evan Hoffman

The Moral Responsibility of the United States: Reading Barack Obama’s Prague Speech (p 52-59): Kenji Urata

President Obama and a Nuclear Weapons-Free World: A Dialogue (p 59-72): David Krieger and Richard Falk


An Asian Perspective on Mediation (p 73-74) Reviewed by: Kevin Avruch

Dirty Wars, Databases, and Indices (p 75-78): Reviewed by: C. Maria Keet

Published: 2017-10-12